Workplace Health and Safety: An Employer’s ‘Duty of Care’ – Active shooter incident

  ‘ Active Shooter incident: What is your ‘Duty of Care? An ‘active shooter’ is an individual armed with a firearm who is actively engaged in killing or attempting to cause serious harm to groups of people in a populated location. All people are potentially at risk. ‘Places of mass gathering’ (PMG) such as ... More

Self defence: Keep yourself safe with ‘situational awareness’

Using ‘situational awareness’ to protect yourself from crime. With all the distractions that constantly face us on a day-to day basis, what steps can you take in self defence to protect yourself from becoming a victim of crime? ‘Situational awareness’ is the conscious decision to ‘pay attention to what is going on around you’. ... More

Welcome to the new Strongs Security website

Isn’t it a great way to welcome our 30th year in the business with something better, bolder, and with a set of more structured services for our faithful clients!  Our clients can attest to our reliability and competence, but we cannot be complacent. Our clients have growing needs and expanding businesses, so it’s only apt to improve ... More

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