Security On Demand™

Strongs Security Services has introduced a new and revolutionary concept in Security Risk Management for your organisation called Security On Demand™.

Let’s face it, security for most businesses is a ‘grudge payment’. A ‘necessary evil’ given little thought until you have something go wrong.

Even then, most businesses race out and install systems like cameras and alarms, hire guards or roving patrols, after the event, when the requirement to get security outweighs rational thought and appropriate pre-emptive analyses.


All organisations are context specific with different security risk requirements.

What if your security protection expense was excessive and inefficient or worse, still ‘unnecessary’ in some cases.

What if your outlay was ineffective or even wasteful!

Want to know more about Security On Demand™? 

    With SECURITY ON DEMAND™ you only pay for security ‘if you need it’ and ‘when you need it’!

    If you need security controls, our job is to give you the most cost effective security risk mitigation solution given your unique circumstances. We can develop a context specific security plan to suit every business, no matter what your size and scope.

    HOW IT WORKS – Our expertise is to impartially analyse your total security requirements with the prime objective of increased efficiency and saving you money on your current security budget.

    We will meet with you and discuss our ‘SECURITY ON DEMAND™ plan for your business which is a combination of:

    • Security Risk and Gap Analysis
    • Procedures and Monitoring
    • New Technology Implementation
    • Business Audits of current SOP’s
    • Top Quality Service with attention to detail

    We deliver an integrated and holistic approach to security risk mitigation, so call us now or enquire from this page to see how we can increase your safety and security profile for your clients, staff, assets and information.

    security on demand

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